Liners & Paint

We specialize in Pool Liners

At some point in time all vinyl liner pools will need to be replaced. At Beechmount Pools we specialize in replacement liners and work closely with our manufacturers to bring you the best quality product and value possible. We custom measure every pool (ingrounds & ongrounds), remove & dispose of the old liner and install your replacement liner under one guaranteed quote.*

As an added bonus, every customer will receive a free start-up kit (1L stain & scale, stabilizer, 1L algaecide & oxidizer), upgraded liner warranty**, Basic faceplate & gasket package (1 skimmer and up to 3 returns***), 1 hour floor repair  and 1 AIR MILE reward mile for every $30 spent (before taxes).

We also include a No Wrinkle Guarantee!****

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*  Some exceptions may apply. Most common exception  is unforeseen floor repair, track and/or coping replacement is required and wall treatment for surface rust. We reserve the right to add to the quote if absolutely necessary and discussed with the customer before any extra expenses are incurred.
**Upgraded warranty includes 5yr full replacement and $1,500 in incidental expenses on manufacturer defects only. It does not insure against common wear or tear, abuse, chemical imbalances or weather related situations. 6 month warranty on workmanship (some exceptions apply).
***Main drain, lights and water feature faceplates and gaskets  will be reused whenever possible. Replacements (if applicable or requested) are billed separately. Stair trim kit is reused whenever we can and billed separately if replacement is need
****Only applicable at the time of liner replacement. Customer has 48hrs after liner has been dropped to notify Beechmount Pools. Beechmount Pools reserves the right to pull out wrinkles once the pool is full and in operation. If we are unable to take out any wrinkles a credit of $150 will be applied to the invoice.