Premium Life of Leisure Packages



PREMIUM PACKAGES: If you simply like to enjoy your pool rather than work on your pool or your busy schedule prevents you from giving your pool the attention it needs then the Premium Package is for you. This package will provide you with the peace of mind that your pool is being looked after, equipment monitored and water is being professionally tested on a weekly basis.

Please note that minimal amount of maintenance on your part is required since weather and bather usage can be unpredictable. We recommend you set aside a few minutes between visits to keep the pool free of debris and maintain water levels.

Package includes: Complete Opening (w/ chemical kit), 2 hrs Deluxe Clean-up, 16 (weekly) maintenance or vacuum calls (w/ comprehensive water analysis each visit) & Complete Pool Closing (w/ chemical kit). Maintenance chemicals will be applied according to water test results and billed separately each month.